It’s all about the pockets

What’s better than a pair of pants, skirt or jacket with pockets?

I’m not really much of a purse person. I’d rather keep my keys, wallet, phone and other must haves in a pocket than to carry a bag filled with essentials. That’s why I love my white jean style jacket with its roomy interior pockets.

About fifteen years ago I bought a Columbia vest for traveling to meet my need for pockets. It’s like having an additional piece of carry on luggage when boarding a plane since there are pockets for my tickets, phone, wallet, keys, Kindle, as well as personal items; and then once at my destination the vest worked for hiking or sightseeing leaving my hands free.


But look at that thing. It’s hideous. I would never wear that vest today so I’m looking for an alternative piece of clothing that will provide all the benefits of a half dozen or more pockets with a little more style.

I’m seriously looking at the Kelly Jacket by Scottevest – a jacket that converts to a vest, with ten pockets. What do you think?

It’s a little pricey, but it may meet my needs. If you have suggestions for the perfect jacket or vest loaded with pockets, leave a comment. I could use your help.