The Place for Pancakes

I think I’d only eaten at Wolfy’s twice in the last dozen years, maybe I was still in withdrawal from the days when their location was a Lum’s…I loved their roast beef sandwiches. But, now that I’ve finally accepted that Lum’s is gone, we’ve eaten breakfast at Wolfy’s twice in the last couple of weeks.


What a pleasant surprise! The Early Riser Special with two eggs, two slices of bacon, and two pancakes was a great choice at a bargain price, and without a doubt these were the best pancakes I’ve eaten at a restaurant (it’s hard to top what John makes at home).

On my most recent trip, I splurged and added hash browns, thinly sliced and crispy. Yum.

Friendly, quick service, and good food, we’ll be back.

And I noticed they serve roast beef sandwiches. Wonder how they compare to Lum’s?