Retirement Job?

When people find out that John and I are retiring at the end of the school year, the most common question we hear, “What are you going to do?”

Most people mean, how are we going to spend our time, but a few want to know what new employment opportunity will be occupying our time. John’s even had people make suggestions regarding jobs that he should consider.

I’m confused. When I looked up the word retired on, here’s what I found:

retired [ri-tahyuh rd]


withdrawn from or no longer occupied with one’s business or profession

It seems pretty clear…no longer occupied with one’s profession.

Volunteer. Fish. Bike. Read. Camp. Write. Travel. Sail. Hike. Practice photography, woodworking, cooking. Learn new things. Find new hobbies. Maybe plant a garden. Go to sporting events. Play games. Visit family. Spend time with friends. That sounds like an answer to that what are you going to do when you retire question.

BUT…if a new career is in the making…then I’m sure it must be vacation photographer because everywhere we go, strangers approach John and ask him to take their picture. Couples. Families. Groups of friends. In NYC, Miami, DC. In state parks, national parks or theme parks. At the beach or sporting events. He’s recognized as the go-to guy for photos. Wonder if he could ask for tips?

IMG_7432And the second most asked question, how many more days? John…37 and for me…41.

Above all, love each other deeply…

Watching, listening to, or reading the daily news, it’s easy to feel as it you are surrounded by hate. The headlines are filled with stories of violence locally, nationally, and across this globe.

IMG_7495But this week of all weeks, Holy Week, we should be reminded that we are to love one another.

IMG_7496This morning, as I read the blog, Stuff That Needs To Be Said, by John Pavlovitz, I knew that his words are far better than anything I could have written. So instead of writing my own message today, I hope you’ll click here and read his message about love in his post from March 28th, A Letter to Christians in Indiana from Jesus.

Stuff That Needs To Be Said


No one said that to love is an easy task, but it’s something to strive for on a daily basis.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.



The Ocala Egg Hunt

Have you noticed  the eggs decorated throughout Ocala? I’m not sure when they first appeared, but last Tuesday was my first encounter with the eggs when we saw one in front of Bill Lovell Insurance and a second at Prestige Auto Sales as we drove west on SR 200.

Later  on Tuesday, an email explained that Ocala United was sponsoring an egg hunt and offering a $1000 prize to one lucky person who photographs and posts pictures of all 15 eggs. Challenge accepted!

Only 14 eggs to go!
Only 14 eggs to go!

Directions for participating in The Hunt:

  1. Pictures must be taken with all 15 of the eggs.
  2. Post each picture or a collage of all of them to Instagram or Twitter, tagging @ocalaunited.
  3. Include the hashtag #thehuntocala.
  4. Post all pictures by 7:00PM on Saturday, April 4th.

The $1,000 winner will be drawn and announced on Sunday, April 5th!

All Eggs are located in Ocala. Here’s a complete list of locations:

Location: St. John School

1915 SE Lake Weir Avenue

Artist: Dunnellon High School

Location: Tru Hone Corporation

1721 NE 19th Avenue

Artist: Lake Weir High School

 Location: Mojo Grill

2015 SW 17th Street

Artist: Blessed Trinity

 Location: Penn Flooring

1201 SW 17th Street

Artist: Victory Academy

 Location: South Point Church

3401 SE Lake Weir Avenue

Artist: Ft. McCoy Middle

 Location: Bill Lovell Insurance

527 SW 10th Street

Artist: Kristin O’Connor

 Location: Latinos y Mas

2030 S Pine Avenue

Artist: West Port High School

 Location: Prestige Auto Sales

2261 SW College Road

Artist: First Assembly

 Location: Ocala Neurosurgical Center

1901 SE 18th Avenue #101

Artist: Sage Kuckenbecker

 Location: Zaxby’s

2175 E Silver Springs Boulevard

Artist: St. John Lutheran School

 Location: Wolfy’s

2159 E Silver Springs Boulevard

Artist: Ocala Christian Academy

 Location: Dr. Marquette

1800 SE 17th Street – Building 300

Artist: Catherine Drake

 Location: Angie Lewis State Farm

416 E Fort King Street

Artist: Breanne Schenk

 Location: Boyd Development

1700 SE 17th Street

Artist: Trinity Catholic High School

 Location: Ocala Power United

1433 SW 15th Avenue

Forest High School

9 Tasty Egg Dishes

Spring. Easter. Time to prepare eggs. Here’s nine tasty eggs recipes to try.

First up, Hash Brown Egg Nest from the Cooking Jar.

The Cooking Jar

I’m looking forward to some Deviled Eggs (I’ll substitute brown mustard for yellow mustard called for in this recipe.)

Maybe Ham, Sausage, Hashbrown Casserole would be a good way to start the day.

Pinch of Yum

Egg Salad, a lunch treat (maybe add a little celery or onion?)

A Family Feast

Yummy Breakfast Casserole with eggs, sausage, and cheese. Something to make ahead the night before.

The Real Housewife

Or maybe try Breakfast Casserole Muffins.


Hope this one lives up to its name, The Easiest Quiche Recipe, and there are four variations.

How to This and That

What about Baked French Toast?

Carmel Moments

This should satisfy my love for Mexican: Breakfast Enchiladas

Southern Living

Looks like some good recipes to spice up one of our go to foods.

TBT Lesson #43

An Easter egg hunt is a sure way to see a smile on a child’s face. I remember all day egg hunts on Easter with my cousins at my grandparents’ house. We’d take turns hiding dozens of plastic eggs for hours. I’m not sure why our parents didn’t give us the eggs to hide and hunt every week. What a good way to keep us outside and out of their hair.

And while many things changed in the thirty years between being the egg hunter to being the one hiding the eggs, the joy of the Easter eggs hunt didn’t diminish.

IMG_7273TBT Lesson: An Easter egg hunt just isn’t the same without bunny ears.

Cedar Key Cemetery

How can I be expected to ride my bike past a cemetery without stopping? Especially a cemetery with graves from the 1800s.

IMG_7118So less than a half mile from the Cedar Key Museum State Park, the start of a bike ride around the three keys that make up Cedar Key, I’d stopped riding and started walking through the cemetery looking for interesting markers under the oaks.

I read the markers of the young children and babies curious about their short lives.

I searched for tombstones from the 1800s and found a few, as well as interesting markers like the large anchor and one elaborately decorated with doves. And I who are the families with the fenced areas in the cemetery?

I could have spent much longer, but this was a day for a bike ride. A long cemetery visit will have to wait for another day.

What have you read lately?

This question made me take a serious look at my priorities. When asked,”What have you read lately?” I could only respond, nothing.

That was a hard admission. I consider myself a reader, but I’ve been too busy to read. What does that really mean? It means I’ve found other ways to spend my time.

I don’t regret wedding planning instead of reading. Bike riding, traveling, hiking, outdoor activities, writing…all good uses of my time.

However, there’s been plenty of time to waste on Facebook. Time to waste watching television. Time to play games online…but no time to read?

After admitting I’ve read no books recently, using that busy excuse, I did say I’ve become a magazine reader…and that’s true. Thanks to the Marion County Public Library and the Zinio app, I’ve discovered and read magazines I’d have never tried, and since I access the magazines on my phone or iPad, I don’t have to deal with all of the paper magazines piling up.

I’ve read Backpacker, Handyman, iPhone Life, Mother Jones, Outdoor Photographer, Writer and Yoga as well as the more traditional “women’s” magazines I’d read in the past. I’ve found I really enjoy magazines, but since my admission of taking a break from reading, I’ve taken action.

I dusted off the books on the nightstand by my bed, charged my Kindle and downloaded the audio book, The Boys in the Boat, for a Spring Break trip. Does that count?

Busy is no excuse. It’s time to get my priorities straight. Thanks for asking what I’m reading.




Don’t Eat at Your Desk

You wouldn’t leave vacation days unused, working instead of taking off the time you’ve earned; however, working through lunch happens much too often. We’re constantly being asked to do more at work. Extra meetings. Extra reports. Extra paperwork. Eating lunch at your desk or worse yet, skipping lunch sometimes seems the answer to these extra demands, but there are plenty of reasons why eating at your desk is not a good idea.

  • You may eat more. Mindless eating while working at your computer, staring at a screen, leads to overeating. You may be a master multitasker, but chances are you’re not paying attention to the amount of food you’re eating.
  • You’re missing social time. Remember how much you enjoyed lunch in high school? It wasn’t because of the delicious cafeteria food. It was because you spent time with others. Eating with co-workers helps you make connections and breaks up the monotony of the day.
  • You need to get up and move. It’s easy to sit in one spot all day working on that big project, but by eating lunch away from your desk you’re guaranteed a chance to get the blood flowing. Even if you just walk to the break room or cafeteria, that’s a start; and once you’re up and away from the desk, you’re more likely to take a real break.
  • You need a brain break. A short break from your work routine gives you a chance to recharge and will improve your productivity.

And if these reasons haven’t inspired you to eat away from your desk, maybe this research by Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona will do the trick. He says that a desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet. This is mainly because food dropped on your desk during these eating episodes is never cleaned properly. Wiping with a napkin or damp paper towel doesn’t do the trick. Your desk is not a healthy place for a meal.

Take advantage of your lunch hour. What a joke! Make that your lunch break.

  • Bring your lunch and eat mindfully so you enjoy your food.
  • Eat with a friend or co-worker, at least once a week.
  • Take a walk.
  • Read a magazine if you can’t take the silence.
  • Eat outside and enjoy the fresh air.

But please, don’t eat at your desk.




P.O. Box 729!

For nearly thirty years, 1925 has been the number associated with home. Today we took another step toward a permanent move to the lake. We filled out the paperwork and paid for a post office box in downtown Ocklawaha.


In less than ten minutes the deed was complete. A box number assigned and two keys issued.

I’ve already completed the change of address information for the two magazines mailed to us each month. More address changes in the coming weeks. A new task will accompany bringing in the mail each day. Make a list of sender and update contact information. New address. Look for electronic options to reduce the number of items in the new post office box.


We’ll use the next couple of months to make sure the address change is complete, and I’m working on memorizing a new zip code.

Cast Your W20 Vote

In 2020, we will celebrate the centennial of women gaining the right to vote in the United States. What better way to recognize this important event than to include the image of a woman on the $20 bill!

I know not everyone’s in favor of replacing Andrew Jackson with the face of a woman, but the reasons against such a change are pretty lame.

I’ve heard the classic, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” argument; but I don’t remember that being said when the quarter was redesigned…first for the bicentennial quarters and then the state quarters and most recently the national park quarters. The quarter wasn’t “broke”, but it changed and the world didn’t come to an end.

Others claim our paper currency should only picture American presidents. Do they not realize Alexander Hamilton ($10 bill) and Salmon Chase ($10,000 bill…not that anyone I know has ever had one of these) were Treasury Secretaries, not presidents? And what’s Benjamin Franklin doing on the $100? Not a president, not a Treasury Secretary, not a Senator or Representative or Supreme Court Justice. Yes, he was a Founding Father, an inventor, a diplomat. I’m not saying Hamilton, Chase or Franklin shouldn’t be pictured on our money, I’m just saying the whole presidents only argument isn’t valid.

So why the $20 bill? Well, as I see it, there’s a lot of symbolism 2020, the 100th anniversary of women voting…look at all those 20s. The $20 is also one that is widely circulated. Those ATM machines spit out a lot of twenties making it the perfect choice. And who do you think spends those $20s? Women, as well as men.

And for those who are worried about poor Andrew Jackson: First, he’s dead…so he’s not going to be upset. Second, do you know how Andrew Jackson felt about paper money? He issued an executive order requiring buyers of government lands to make payment in gold or silver, no paper currency. He also destroyed the Second Bank of the US. These two actions resulted in the greatest depression our country had seen. Do these actions sound like those of someone who would be proud to have his mug on paper money? I don’t think so.

The list below includes the fifteen finalists, a group of women who have made an impact on society.

  1. Alice Paul
  2. Betty Friedan
  3. Shirley Chisholm
  4. Sojourner Truth
  5. Rachel Carson
  6. Rosa Parks
  7. Barbara Jordan
  8. Margaret Sanger
  9. Patsy Mink
  10. Clara Barton
  11. Harriet Tubman
  12. Frances Perkins
  13. Susan B. Anthony
  14. Eleanor Roosevelt
  15. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Read about these candidates, as well as other nominees and then vote for the three women you’d most like to see on the twenty dollar bill. When this first round of voting (the primary phase) is complete, you can vote in the general election and let the US Treasury know which women you’d like to see on our money. Click here to vote!