Take a Hike in the Marshall Swamp

IMG_6034I guess I should have expected to slog through mud. After all, swamp is clearly written on the sign marking the Marshall Swamp Trail, but I didn’t expect to return from the hike with soaked shoes and socks and wet jeans.

The information we’d read about the Marshall Swamp Trail section of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway mentions that portions can sometimes be wet and muddy, especially in the wet season, but since boardwalks have been built over the wettest parts of the trail, I didn’t expect to squish through so many puddles in January.

Of course, we hiked the trail two days after a twelve hour downpour. Maybe that was the problem. Even with the wet conditions, the 6 mile round trip hike from the 67th Avenue Trailhead to Marshall Swamp Trailhead was a great walk through a wild part of Marion County.

An abundance of signs made it easy to follow the trail even through an area with a tree blocking a portion of the path.

Clear blue skies on a cool winter day made for perfect conditions for a hike through areas of pines, palms, and cypress trees. However, I’m not sure this is a place to trek in warmer weather. What with heat, humidity, and mosquitoes, it sounds like the perfect combination to make for a miserable day. Since we swatted a few of the pesky insects in January. What would it be like in July?

We’ll definitely be returning to the Marshall Swamp Trail before the weather warms up.

IMG_6013And what could be better than ending the day with a tick check?