Trash It!

Stacks of mail on the dining room table, on the desk, and on the kitchen counter stress me out. I hate dealing with piles of mail, so I’m going back to my old way of handling all of this paper that’s delivered on a daily basis.

I’m opening the mail outside. The trash can serves as my desk and the vast majority of the paper goes directly into the recycling can. Most days I bring in a single sheet of paper and on a good day, I come in the house empty handed

This was my procedure for handling mail for years, but I got into a different habit when I purchased a shredder. Concerned about identity theft, I shredded everything. Of course, instead of shredding daily, mail piled on the shredder for shredding sessions and mail stacked up. Junk mail was deposited in the basket for shredding. It quickly took over.

And what is it with shredders? They don’t work! The sticker says it can shred up to six sheets at one time, but I’m lucky if it works with two. I feed only one sheet at a time and after a dozen or so pieces of mail, it overheats or gets clogged so that I’m picking paper out of the blades with a paper clip. What a waste of time!

Shredding by hand is now my preferred method. As many times as my information has been compromised at retailers, I don’t think mail is my biggest worry. Envelopes, junk mail, and catalogs directly in the recycling can. Tear the pieces containing personal info into small pieces and then in the recycling can. Take anything remaining in the house – usually a single sheet of paper – much more manageable.

Don’t bring the mail in the house…trash it!



And I’m working on getting off some of these mailing lists!