Gainesville = Chuy’s Time

A drive to Gainesville is much more palatable now that we’ve discovered Chuy’s. As lovers of Mexican food, this place hits the spot.

It’s hard to believe we discovered Chuy’s while over 1000 miles from home, but when the Mexican restaurant we’d carefully selected before a visit to Austin, TX was closed on Sunday, we started aimlessly driving around the city in search of lunch. When we passed Chuy’s, the brightly colored building and full parking lot looked like a fun place to eat.

Greeted with a bowl of chips and salsa we picked up the menu to order and were surprised and more than a little disappointed to find we weren’t in a local restaurant, but in a chain. However, since it was already 2:00, and we were hungry and without any other options, we decided to stay and make the best of it. Glad we did…good food and drinks and a cool, relaxing spot to regroup on a 106ยบ summer afternoon…and as a bonus, we noticed that we could visit Chuy’s only 40 miles from home in Gainesville.

IMG_6228Gainesville for a Gator baseball game? Eat at Chuy’s

l-3Gainesville for a shopping trip? Eat at Chuy’s

l-4Gainesville for a bike ride? Eat at Chuy’s

l-2Gainesville for an event at the Phillips Center or Harn Museum? Eat at Chuy’s

Even a trip to White Springs resulted in a detour to Chuy’s.

l-5We should branch out and try some other eateries in Gainesville, but it’s hard to pass up on a chance to eat at Chuy’s on Archer Road. Where else can you find a “fully loaded nacho car”?