TBT Lesson #33

It’s that time of year again. Time for school pictures. As a teacher, I must admit picture day was one of my LEAST favorite days of the school year.

You’d think with all of the students dressed to impress, their behavior would be stellar on picture day…not so! Instead, the day brings out the worst in them. Girls spinning around so their dresses poof. Boys borrowing mirrors from the girls so they can check their hair. Everyone concerned about when the pictures will be taken.

“I don’t want to go to PE before pictures.”

“What if I spill something on my shirt during lunch?”

“If they don’t take my picture soon, my hair’s going to be a mess.” (This from both girls and boys in recent years!)

Then of course the picture line is the worst part of the day. Students are so excited they’re jumping around trying to watch their classmates as they pose for the photographer with combs in hand to do all the last minute preening.

I think this explains why most teachers pictured in the yearbook or in class pictures look like they’ve just gotten over a bout with the flu. They’re suffering from school picture syndrome.

Same hair style, just a different color.

Even with all the pictures taken today, school pictures are still needed. We all need some actual physical, printed pictures instead of just images on our cameras. And children still enjoy sharing and trading pictures with classmates. I guess the teacher stress caused on picture day is worth it.

TBT Lesson #33: Buy school pictures.