First Day Walk: 2015

Year three of the first walk tradition! This year’s walk on January 1st, was a repeat of last year…only better, thanks to the weather!

January 1st, 2014 we and a handful of brave souls bundled up in raincoats, hats, gloves, and scarves to walk at Rainbow Springs State Park. This year with the temperature in the 50s, I counted more than three dozen cars in the the parking lot, quite a bit better than the three there last year. Visitors walked, canoed, and surprisingly swam on the first day of the year at the park.

The idea of a first walk is promoted by the state parks as a way to start the new year being active while enjoying the outdoors, and hopefully getting acquainted with one of Florida’s state parks.

Rainbow Springs is a perfect place for us to start the year since it also gave us an excuse to drop in on my parents to wish them a happy new year. A 45 minute walk following a picnic lunch, not a bad way to usher in 2015, and we even stopped by the Dunnellon Bridge Trail for a short bike ride after leaving Rainbow Springs to check out the recently built connector to Blue Run Park.

Thursday was a good day for the first walk of 2015 and a good opportunity to take a first selfie of the year as well.