Delivering Treasures to the Next Generation

We’ve started downsizing and fortunately, our daughters appreciate many of the family treasures. One dining table and chairs furnishes Meghan’s house and a second dining room set occupies a place of honor in Emily’s dining room. Now it’s time for Sarah to add a family heirloom to her house.


We’ve unloaded crystal, china, and a beautiful hot chocolate set from my great grandmother’s china cabinet that’s been in our dining room for over thirty years. This weekend we’ll rent a trailer from Uhaul and deliver this one hundred year old treasure to Sarah, passing down a piece of furniture that connects her to her family.

The next challenge will be finding homes for sherbet glasses, cordials, sherry glasses and wine glasses. I can’t help but wonder why my great grandmother had such a collection of crystal. Living on a farm, I can’t imagine any of these pieces were ever used, but instead brought pleasure as she walked through her dining room past her cabinet of treasures.

Maybe it’s time to find a way to dust off these rarely used pieces and put them to use.