You Have 27 New Voice Messages

Twenty-seven? Yes, when I picked up the phone yesterday I heard,

“Please enter your PIN followed by the pound key.” PIN entered.

“You have 27 new voice messages. Main Menu. If you want your messages now, press 1.” I hung up to get a bigger piece of paper and then started again.

I’m afraid that I’ve gotten in the habit of ignoring calls on my home phone since I’m not interested in participating in a survey, donating to a University or charitable organization, or listening to someone tell me how to vote.


According to my phone, I hadn’t checked my messages since October 29th. Oops!

So what did I miss?

  • 3 calls asking me to participate in a migraine study (I don’t suffer from migraines.)
  • 5 short URGENT calls from the Rick Scott campaign
  • 1 call from the Pam Bondi campaign
  • 3 calls from candidates running for school board
  • 1 call from candidate running for judge
  • 5 calls from Marion County schools with reminders
  • 1 call from exterminator
  • 1 call from medical facility
  • 1 call to lower interest rate
  • 1 call encouraging action on the Keystone Pipeline
  • 1 call with a weather alert
  • a couple of hang ups

After listening to all 27 messages, I need to apologize to Peggy who called to wish me Happy Birthday and Don who asked John to call back so they could catch up. They’ll both be getting calls today.

I guess the real question is why do I even keep my home phone if I don’t answer it or listen to the messages?

  1. It’s actually cheaper to keep it than get rid of it the way service for TV, Internet, and phone are bundled…what a rip off.
  2. I do use the home phone for work. My job requires my to make hundreds of phone calls each month. More than my cell phone battery can handle.

However, I need to do a better job checking messages. With the election behind us, the surveys and political calls should be minimal. I’ll try to check at least once a week!