Yes, I’ve Eaten at Eaton’s Beach

I can finally answer, yes. Since this “new” restaurant has opened across the lake, I’m frequently asked, “How’s the food at Eaton’s Beach?” To which I’ve always replied, “I don’t know. I haven’t eaten there.” This usually results in puzzled looks and of course, “Why not?”


When the restaurant first opened the crowds kept us away. Cars not only filled the parking lot, but lined the road leading to the lake as well as Sunset Harbor Road. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to walk a half mile to eat. And then a friend told me she left after a two hour wait. No thanks!

And since we can sit on our own porch and see the lake or watch the sunset, the lakeside dining didn’t hold the same appeal as it does for others.


But we finally drove around the lake and tried Eaton’s Beach Sandbar and Grill. Unfortunately, even though we arrived at 5:45, we were too late to enjoy the view. After a quick glimpse of the sunset we climbed the stairs to the main dining area, but the large garage door style windows were closed on a cool windy evening so again we missed one of the drawing cards to Eaton’s Beach.

We concentrated on the Signature Dishes so we could sample their best. One order of Shrimp and Grits and one order of Cajun Sweet Fried Chicken…two tasty dishes. And how could we resist Sunset Orange Cake? Definitely the highlight of our dinner.


I don’t expect us to become regulars, but I’m looking forward to another meal at Eaton’s Beach. Next time when it’s light and hopefully warm enough to enjoy the waterfront setting.