Update a Your Resume’


Something I know very little about is searching and applying for jobs.  I’m a dinosaur when it comes to my work life since I’ve spent 35 years working for a single employer.

Sure I’ve taught at six different schools in the system and have taught students in traditional classrooms, in a computer lab, online, and have been a media specialist, but in truth I’ve had one job since earning my degree from college. This is not typical.

You have probably read that people coming out of college today will have 6-10 jobs in a lifetime, and while that sounds scary to someone like me, I know this described both my Mom and Dad so this really isn’t anything new.

It’s important that you’re ready to make a career move when a new opportunity arises. And the first step in preparation is to update your resume’. Do this on a yearly basis. Mark it on the calendar so you don’t forget. Make it something to do at the beginning of the new year or on your birthday or when you get your evaluation at work.

Not only will updating your resume’ help you prepare for your next job, it will provide an opportunity for you to recognize your accomplishments during the year and set goals for the upcoming year.

It may seem like this is wasted time, but you need to spend time on yourself. You’re worth it. And you don’t want to miss the chance to apply for the perfect job because you don’t have a current resume’ ready.

Update your resume’.