Dumping the Diaper Bag

The downside of blogging is carrying my computer everywhere I go. I need my computer so I can write and publish daily.


Going to the lake for the night…pack the computer.
Going away for the weekend…pack the computer.
Even going camping…pack the computer.
It’s like having a baby and carrying that stupid diaper bag everywhere you go, but instead of bottles, diapers, and wipes; I’m carrying a laptop, power cords, and hot spot at all times.
I’ve tried to write and publish on an iPad or phone on a couple of occasions but not with much success.
However, I’m determined this time will be different. I’m practicing my keyboarding skills using only my thumbs. I’m learning to add pictures from my phone. I’m determined to figure out how to add links and edit and preview without dragging around lots of extra “stuff”.

I’ll probably make more than my share of mistakes but that’s a price I’m willing to pay to dump the technology version of the diaper bag.

(Written and published from my iPad and phone! Yay!)