Organize Your Car

Like many people, my car is my home away from home so it’s important to take the time to clean and organize your car just as you would any room in your house. While I don’t have a housekeeper, I do pay others to clean my car.

Cleaning out the sand after a trip to the beach or mud after camping in the rain requires running through a car wash, but it’s a good idea to occasionally pay to have your car detailed and thoroughly cleaned. Of course, you can do this yourself, but I appreciate the the shiny tires, the vacuumed carpets, the polished dashboard, and the new car smell that comes with a $25 car wash experience.

But just as important as cleaning the car is organizing all the things you carry in your car: the umbrella, extra shoes, jacket, jumper cables, tools, cords, maps. So here’s a list of my suggestions for car organization:

  • ¬†Get a change purse so coins aren’t scattered all over the car.
  • Keep your registration and insurance card in an envelope or plastic bag for easy access. (You might even want to use a coupon organizer so it’s easy to find.)
  • Store napkins or wipes and Ziplock bags in the door pocket for quick and easy clean up.
  • Use plastic boxes or other small containers to organize your phone chargers, pocket knife, GPS, and other items in your glove compartment.
  • If you carry shoes, jackets, or other clothing in your car, keep in a basket or reusable grocery bag that can be easily carried in the house (you may even consider one for each family member).
  • Jumper cables and tools should be kept in a toolbox or other plastic container, but remember, you don’t need to carry every tool you own everywhere you go.

And finally, clean out those items you’ve been carrying around for no reason. Keep the flashlight, grocery bags, and umbrella, but do you really need cups, mail, old magazines, a bicycle pump and three jackets?

If you’re trying to keep your car fresh and tidy, you may want to put a dryer sheet under the car seats to use as an expensive air freshener that’s out of sight and take a couple of minutes every time you fill your tank with gas to clean out the scraps of paper, cups, receipts, or other trash that’s accumulated since your last fill up.

Clean and organize your house, but don’t forget to clean and organize your car as well, after all, it really is your home away from home.