She said Yes to the dress!

One big wedding task was completed last week. Sarah invited Pam (Daniel’s mom) and me to Jacksonville to help her choose a wedding dress.


Our appointment was the first of the day so we were waiting for the store to open to insure we were able to maximize the hour and a half time allotted. We hit the store with dress styles selected online prior to our visit so Kristen, our consultant, was able to locate dresses that met Sarah’s criteria.


I know I’m biased, but Sarah looked beautiful in all of the dresses. Every ten minutes Sarah exited the dressing room and modeled another dress adding jewelry and ribbons as we evaluated the pros and cons of each wedding gown.


After narrowing the selection to two dresses and trying each on a second time and then a third, it was obvious that Sarah’s face lit up in a different way when wearing one of the dresses…the dress.


We all left with a feeling of great accomplishment. Sarah has a wedding dress!