Rainbow Repeat

The first week of August we visited our 14th spring of the year to accomplish our goal of visiting 14 springs in 2014. The last week of August we went to Wall Springs in Tarpon Springs…the 15th, and we also went back to Rainbow Springs for an after work swim and picnic.

Previously known as Health Springs and used as a health spa in the early 1900s, Pinellas County began purchasing Wall Springs and the surrounding environmentally sensitive land in 1988. Although the park covers some 210 acres and has nature trails, a pier, a playground, and several picnic pavilions, few people were using the park on the Sunday afternoon when we visited. Perhaps this sign explains why:

IMG_7536too many prohibitions!

Our repeat to Rainbow Springs was more successful. On January 1st, Rainbow Springs was our first spring visit of the year when we took a “First Day Hike”. Cold and rainy, the weather made it difficult to do much more than walk through the park…definitely not a good day to enjoy the water.


Last week we drove to Dunnellon after work on Wednesday for an afternoon swim and then ate sandwiches in the picnic area for a different kind of date night.

Couldn’t have asked for a better day! HOT, but without the typical afternoon thunderstorms…just right for a swim in the cool spring water. I was surprised that the water is five feet deep when you step off the dock…no chance to ease into the water.

And I love the warning sign overlooking the swimming area. (That’s John swimming just beyond the sign.)

The Rainbow Repeat proved to be a success.