Respect Mother Nature

As I write thunder booms directly overhead and lightning flashes at regular intervals. The rain is blowing so hard from the south that not only is all of the furniture on the porch wet, but the windows are being pelted by the rain as well.


Living in Florida, we don’t have to wait for holiday fireworks for an amazing light show since we get 90-100 days of major thunderstorms every year. Friday night’s local high school football games were delayed due to lightning with some games postponed until Saturday morning, and then Saturday’s opening weekend of the college football season suffered the same fate. More than an hour after the scheduled game time, the Bulls finally kicked-off their season in Tampa, but the weather was less cooperative in Gainesville where Gator fans waited nearly three hours during a lightning delay only to have the game terminated at 10:00pm.

Fans grumbled about delays, but from the pictures posted on Instagram and Twitter, I can’t understand why anyone would think sitting in a stadium in the flash-bang is a good idea. It’s a recipe for disaster. In the past three months, six people have been killed by lightning strikes in the state. Someone closing a car window in a storm, someone fishing, another person roofing a building, someone picking blueberries, and two people at the beach – one walking and one swimming.

Canes baseball game postponed due to severe weather in May.

Take lightning seriously. Get off the beach. Leave the stadium. Go inside. Wait in the car. Don’t take chances. None of the six who were killed by lightning expected to be struck. Don’t push your luck.

“If you can see it, flee it; if you can hear it, clear it.” 

~National Lightning Safety Institute

Tornadoes, hurricanes, flood conditions as well as rough surf and lake wind advisories need to be taken seriously as well. Learn how to respond to severe weather.

Respect Mother Nature!