Lunch with Miz Kathi

About a year ago I started hearing people talk about eating at a restaurant in Wildwood with rave reviews about the food, especially the desserts at the Cotillion. Located on Hwy. 301 in downtown Wildwood, Miz Kathi’s Cotillion serves lunch Tuesday-Saturday and supper Thursday-Sunday.

IMG_7247When we arrived at 11:45, we were surprised to be greeted by a question, “Do you have reservations?”

Reservations? For lunch? In Wildwood? When we responded that we did not have reservations, a discussion ensued as to whether there would be sufficient time for us to be served prior to their 12:30 reservation. We assured them we would not linger over our meal so we were seated.

John ordered the open face turkey sandwich smothered in mashed potatoes, and I ordered the open face meatloaf sandwich also smothered in mashed potatoes. Both dishes were topped with an onion ring, (something I didn’t understand, but enjoyed nonetheless), and we ordered the Cotillion Salad, the house specialty, as a side.

Everything about the meal was delicious, and we kept our word about finishing in a timely manner, walking out the door at 12:33. No time or room for dessert, we walked two doors down to Miz Kathi’s Sweetery and took home a piece of coconut cake, a piece of chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting, and a cookbook.

We’ve already prepared Mammy’s Meatloaf and we’ll be baking a Million Dollar Pie, Miz Sylvia’s Lemon Pineapple Coconut Cake, and Grandma Carroll’s Chicken Casserole in the weeks to come. You can even find some of Miz Kathi’s recipes on The Cotillion’s website.

And we’ll know to make reservations for Miz Kathi’s Cotillion the next time we’re heading to Wildwood.