What’s On Your Desk?

Working at home is great, but I just can’t decide where I want to work. I spend part of each day at the desk located in the kitchen, but I’m facing the wall which is no fun.photo 1

Then I move to the treadmill desk, walking and working; but I can’t stand all day.photo 1

I’ve even set up a table in the family room so I can look out the window at the backyard.

IMG_7311I’ve noticed that the iPad and a glass of water follow me from desk to desk. Listening to NPR or music gets me through the day. Of course, there’s a phone, pens, paper, and other office supplies, but there are also pictures, calendars, and knick knacks located on every desk. Things that serve no purpose, but things I enjoy seeing while I work…pictures, buttons, blown glass pieces, a game piece, a fishing lure, and citrus labels.

So what’s on your desk?