You have 24 new matches!

On August 11th, (one week after my 35th anniversary) I received the following email:

Congratulations! You’ve joined the most dynamic group of singles out there. We’re responsible for more dates, relationships and marriages than any other site. Period.

It seems a woman with a similar name, born in 1961, and living in Oregon has registered with; and despite the fact that we do NOT share the same email address. I’m receiving her email from Match…how can that happen? and does she or someone else receive any of my email?

I chuckled and pressed delete.

Then later that evening I received another email with the subject line: Your first matches ready to view! Twenty-four matches, eight labeled “premium” matches and an additional sixteen, with pictures, user names, ages, and links to profiles. Again, I laughed and deleted.

On August 12th my inbox included: 24 new matches…more pictures and profiles. This time I emailed to let them know they were sending me matches intended for Dee45sd and asked them to please correct the problem.

So far, no luck! Twenty-four more matches on the 13th, 14th, 15th, and every day since.

While I’m not interested in finding a “match”, I have enjoyed the user names:

  • prize
  • dragondon
  • souljourney
  • mudman
  • gqueen
  • awesomeart
  • raiderdude
  • ironhead
  • jackofheart
  • aceofspades

There’s even one guy who’s pictured twice with two different user names…got to wonder just how desperate he must be to get a date!

To the people at Match: I am not interested! I found my match in 1977 and he’s a keeper!