TBT: Lesson #13

Last week, a former cross country teammate posted a picture which reminded me of our team picture from the 1974 season…wow 40 years ago! Can you imagine what would happen today if students climbed on the roof of the gym for a team picture? And what about our coach? I’m sure he would be suspended, maybe fired for participation in such dangerous antics.

Pompano Beach High School Cross Country Team 1974
Pompano Beach High School Cross Country Team 1974

(I’m the one terrified of heights clutching the ledge of the roof with all my might while trying to look like I was having fun.)

Since Cross Country wasn’t the most popular team sport on campus, we convinced Coach Boyer that we should have our picture taken on the gym roof so we could have the coolest team picture in the yearbook. Of course, I’m not sure anyone else even noticed…probably just flipped past the page to get to football pictures!

What you don’t see is the chaos that ensued when we climbed down. I refused to leave the roof, afraid I’d fall. I think Coach thought it was a stunt to avoid practice, but I was truly frightened. I’d have preferred running to scaling the fence.

TBT Lesson #13: Have an exit strategy!