7 Down; 7 To Go

This summer we’ve devoted a great deal of time meeting the goal of visiting at least 14 of Florida’s springs, and I’m pleased to announce “mission accomplished”!

In fact, we bicycled the newly completed Spring to Spring Trail starting in Volusia County at Lake Monroe Park and stopped first at Gemini Springs Park and then at Green Springs Park so not only did we meet our goal of 14 springs in 2014, we threw in an extra park for good measure.

Our first stop, Gemini Springs. Since swimming, boating, and fishing are prohibited at Gemini Springs, we pretty much had the park to ourselves – with the exception of photographers taking engagement and family pictures in the park. The old Florida look provides a perfect backdrop for photos.

We continued on to Enterprise, the home of Green Springs, and I believe I discovered the most beautiful spring in Florida. The sulphur spring was a popular spot for tourists from the 1880s and was promoted with promises of good health as early as the 1840s. Even today, the area remains wild.

No swimming, no fishing, no canoeing just the quiet of nature…including a host of mosquitoes. Coat yourself in bug spray and take a walk on the wild side!