Garage = New Hobby

I didn’t expect building a garage would serve as an inspiration to John, but now that he has room to spread out and work on projects, he’s developing a new hobby…making furniture.

He’s always possessed plenty of tools. Drills. Saws. Sanders. As well as things I can’t name. He’s used them to make picture frames, repairs, and lots of signs for weddings. However, now that he has space, when Emily mentioned that she’d like to have a farm table to use for her event and design business, John jumped at the chance to put his tools to work.

His first farm table proved successful. In fact, so successful that he decided to built a second one for us to use in the family room. We’ve already initiated it as a game table.


Next up, Sarah needs an island for her kitchen. He’s got plans and a list of materials. Sarah should have her island later this month.

Biking, camping, fishing, sailing, photography, framing, gardening, and now furniture making. With all of these hobbies, it’s a good thing he has a new garage.