Ketchup Trivia?

Twice in the past week, I’ve noticed a bottle of Heinz Ketchup on the table of a restaurant with the words, Up For a Game? Trivial Pursuit Tomato Ketchup.


The good news, Trivial Pursuit Tomato Ketchup tastes the same as the traditional ketchup sold by Heinz, but it also provides an opportunity for bored diners to play a little Trivial Pursuit while waiting for their food to arrive.

For years, Trivial Pursuit cards have been found on the tables at Cheeburger Cheeburger, and while we frequently flipped through the cards asking one another questions, I must admit the cards were pretty disgusting. After being handled by so many other people with not only ketchup hands, but french fry, onion ring, and hamburger hands, a trip to the restroom to wash up before eating was required.

Image 1

The Heinz Ketchup version of Trivial Pursuit eliminates the gross factor while continuing the fun factor for diners with the ability to use their cell phone to scan the QR code on the back of the bottle. It’s pretty simple. Scan the QR code. Enter an email address (but you can opt out of the Heinz product updates and recipes). Start playing either the Family or Regular edition of Trivial Pursuit. After rolling the die a category’s selected and the questions begin like those below.

Science: Where in the human body would you find bones called phalanges?

Entertainment: What pasta dish is a favorite of Garfield the cat?

Sports & Leisure: What boxer coined the term rope-a-dope, a way to block punches while on the ropes?

History: In 2010, what 26 year old did Time Magazine name “Person of the Year”?

Arts & Literature: Who invented the printing press?

Geography: What does a cartographer do?

Some questions are more challenging, but you get the idea. Compete with your dinner companions in a friendly game of trivia while waiting for your food.