What a Difference a Year Makes

Stressful doesn’t begin to describe the events of the first half of April, 2013. I spent several days in Orlando helping Emily navigate the house buying obstacles that at the time seemed insurmountable. In fact, on this day last year, Emily posted the following message on her Facebook page:

Will either have our dream home in a few minutes time or be completely homeless. Wish us luck!
And despite all of the challenges she encountered…a boat in the backyard to be removed, wood rot identified in the inspection to be replaced, promises from the seller not kept, delay after delay in closing date, mistakes made by the title company…Emily finally closed shortly before 5:00 on April 10th and became a homeowner.
And then, three days later:

Lots of work over the past two days, but it feels nice to lounge in the new house. Still so much to do, but thankful for this messy house.

In the year since, Emily and Brian have made the house their home. They’ve entertained friends and had a garage sale. Engagement pictures and a wedding shower were held at the house.

This is the place the bridal party spent the day getting ready for Emily and Brian’s wedding,

weddingdresseddingand it was where the first look pictures were taken. (Check out more pictures from Mike and Ann Studios here.)

firstlookWhat a difference a year makes! No more worries about homelessness. No more stress about closing. Instead, the dream home is a reality (with all the joys and headaches of home ownership) and the place the newlyweds are making memories.