I’m Glad I’m Not Mrs. Esiason

I’d never heard of New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy until this week, but I’ll be cheering for him this season. He’s the player who’s taken so much flack from the talking heads on television and radio sports talk shows this week (and from their sports crazed listeners) for missing Opening Day to be with his wife for the birth of  their first child on Monday.

Murphy flew to Florida to be with his wife Sunday night when his wife went into labor, missing Opening Day, and then decided to stay with his wife and child for two more days missing the second game of the season on Wednesday. Looks like he’s got his priorities right. Baseball is a game. Baseball is a job. Games and jobs don’t trump wives and children.

Lots of troublesome comments were made by sports personalities and baseball fans, but Boomer Esiason’s suggestion was especially disturbing.

Esiason said he would have demanded Tori Murphy get a “C-section before the season stars, I need to be there opening day.”

Does he not realize that a C-section is surgery? Why should a woman have surgery that requires significantly longer recovery from childbirth if not medically necessary?

Daniel Murphy’s wife is lucky to be married to a man who understands the importance of family. She should be thankful she’s not married to Boomer Esiason or a man who shares his beliefs about women, childbirth, children, and family.

Sure Esiason has since issued an apology for his comments, but they didn’t come until two days later after being slammed by  parents with more healthy views on parenting.

It’s also interesting to note that the only comment from the Mets came from manager, Terry Collins, who criticized the commentator’s suggesting they “look in the mirror”.

The Mets are now officially my National League team, and while I haven’t cast an All-Star ballot for years, I’ll be voting this year. And guess which player will receive my vote as the National League second baseman?