No Reservations? Then No Ferry


I thought I found a real treasure while traveling south from Stump Pass State Park to Gasparilla State Park. The old-fashioned paper map we pulled out of the glove compartment showed a ferry along our route located at the end of Panama Boulevard.

And since I love riding a ferry, I insisted we take a short side trip so we could ride the ferry across the Intracoastal Waterway to Palm Island. Little did I know that the fare would be more than I’d be willing to part with…even for a ferry ride.

As we pulled up to the loading area, the sign came into view with the hours of operation and fee schedule. The price for a ride less than a half mile from the mainland…$55, but that included the vehicle and the passengers. Even a ride across without a car cost $6 per person.

A ride across just to ride across with no purpose and no plan of what to do on the island meant no ferry ride. Yes, I found another ferry in the state, but no, I won’t be riding it unless we decide to rent a place at the Palm Island Resort since the resort guests’ ferry transport is pre-paid by Palm Island Resort.

I must admit the high ferry fee is a great way to limit visitors to the island. Next time we’ll take the boat so we can check out the resort.