3 Down; 11 To Go

Not all of the 14 in 14 items require a lot of time and effort. Our first two of the year both involved extended weekends as we drove to Birmingham and South Florida, but #3 on the list: Eat at the Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill and Griddlehouse at Deleon Springs State Park.

Since the first (and only time) I visited Deleon Springs I’ve wanted to eat pancakes at the Old Spanish Mill. Despite the fact we eat pancakes weekly at home, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of cooking breakfast at the table while overlooking the springs.
Upon arrival a little before 10:00, we reported to the restaurant to add our name to the waiting list. The expected wait time of forty minutes provided just the right amount of time to walk through the park and museum. Since the temperature was in the forties, no swimmers, not even those from the North waded into the 72ยบ waters of the spring. That worked for me since I wanted to take pictures!

We’d been warned that names would only be called twice and then the table would be given to the next guest on the list so twenty minutes later when “John, party of two” boomed over the speaker, we hurried across the park so as not to miss our pancake cooking opportunity.
The host seated us next to the fireplace and turned on the griddle at our table before explaining the dining process. Pancakes, French toast, and grilled cheese sandwiches are cooked by diners at the table. All other items ordered are prepared in the kitchen and served by the staff.
We both ordered pancakes and sausage and within minutes two pitchers of batter were delivered to the table. In the blue pitcher, a multi-grain batter and in the red pitcher an old-fashioned white batter. We passed on the optional fruit, chocolate chips, and nuts sticking to a plain traditional pancake topped with butter and syrup. While much different in flavor and texture, both were delicious.

Only about an hour from home and with a price of $4.99 for all the pancakes you could eat. Breakfast at the Old Spanish Mill made the third item on our 14 in 14 list easy to accomplish and a bargain.

Lots of fun without a lot of time or money!