March Madness: Help Choose the Wonders of Florida

1962850_698074303564666_1230631378_nToday is day six of the March Madness style competition pitting Old Florida match ups as determined by voters on the Old Florida and Visit Florida Off the Beaten Path sites. Here’s an explanation of how the match ups were established from Off the Beaten Path’s Facebook page:

Some of you wonder how OTBP (Off the Beaten Path) and Old Florida determined the match-ups. Here’s how it was arranged: We asked for and collected nominations for a week from fans of Old Florida and OTBP Florida and then used the total number of votes for each nominee to “seed” them according to their standings in the nomination pool (like the NCAA would in tournaments). From there, we created four brackets — Sunshine, Palm, Seminole, and Flamingo — and we rotate the contests among them. If things seem askew, the nominations determined their placement. Also, this is for kicks — so don’t get too worked up.

Just like when the NCAA announces their brackets, there’s controversy regarding the seeding, but this is just for fun; and I’m enjoying participating and reading the descriptions of places that are old time favorites as well as learning about some less familiar old Florida attractions.1920174_700710083301088_1451650160_nIt’s not too late to participate in the voting. Click on the link for either Old Florida or Off the Beaten Path and “like” the page. Then you see the daily match ups – one at 7:00am and another at 7:00pm each¬† day.

The Match Ups you’ve missed:

Contest #1: Florida Citrus Tower defeated Stetson Mansion

Contest #2: Stiltsville defeated Gatorland

Contest #3: Florida Caverns defeated Vinoy Hotel (St. Petersburg)

Contest #4: Hotel Ormond defeated Daytona Speedway

Contest #5: Marineland defeated Lake Eola

Contest #6: Yearling Restaurant defeated Whitehall

Contest #7: Ichetucknee Springs defeated St. George Island

Contest #8: Vizcaya defeated Branch Ranch

Contest #9: Seven Mile Bridge defeated Ca’ d’Zan

Contest #10:¬† Still awaiting results for Tom Peter’s Smoked Fisk vs. The Senator

Contest #11: This morning at 7:00am, the Belleview Biltmore Hotel was matched against Tom Gaskin’s Cypress Knee Museum.

Check out Florida Off the Beaten Path and/or Old Florida so you can vote…or just enjoy the pictures and write ups!