Wedding Treasures

Who would have thought preparing for a wedding would turn me into a yard sale fanatic? Since we need over 200 bud vases for Emily’s wedding, we turned to yard sales and thrift stores to meet our needs.

Vases, vases, and more vases…in fact over 150 purchased from yard sales and thrift shops. My parents found many of these vases…after all, my dad is the yard sale master. He taught me a couple of lessons resulting in finding the vases at bargain prices ranging from 10¢ – 50¢. We invested only about $50 and with a half dozen cans of gold spray paint we’re set.

In addition to vases, we picked up several cake stands we’ll use to display desserts. Again, with an investment of less than $20 we’ve collected  five or six gorgeous plates that we’ll add to the ones used at Meghan’s wedding to create an inviting sweets table.

And while searching for vases and cake stands we found plastic storage bins for only $1 each…something I planned to buy to transport items to Apopka for the wedding.

Then I found extension cords. Of course I bought all that I found. You can’t have too many extension cords, especially with the wedding taking place in an atypical venue like an airplane hangar.

The nearly new card table and 4 chairs for only $15 won’t be used for the wedding, but I won’t need to borrow a table and chairs for Christmas this year.

IMG_1102My best find by far was a Cricut machine for the low price of  $30. This personal, electric cutter didn’t appear on any of my lists of items to purchase for the wedding, but it’s going to be a life saver as we make signs. So many wedding treasures!

I know I’m hooked. Today’s plans include a trip to Apopka for some final wedding planning, but we’ll be hitting yard sales and thrift stores on the way.

I’ve caught the yard sale bug while planning a wedding!