Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 42

One year ago this week, FedEx delivered my treadmill desk and while I didn’t start seriously trying to lose weight for another ten weeks, this desk inspired me to start exercising regularly. After walking and working for two months, I was ready to commit to losing weight in 2013.

Most days, Monday through Friday, I walk at least one hour and on many days over two hours while working. Initially, I only walked while talking to students on the phone since I found it difficult to grade work or answer email while walking. However, by January the only tasks I found impossible to complete while walking were writing with a paper and pencil and drinking water. I solved the water problem by simply using a straw, but I still can’t write…at least not if I want to read it later.

Thanks, John, for a wonderful early birthday gift that motivated me to get into better shape and in turn motivated you as well.

Treadmill desk - a great birthday gift!
Treadmill desk – a great birthday gift!

No weight loss this week, but at least I’ve held steady…still working on the last five pounds.