Fall Crafts Courtesy of Snapguide

This may not be the best year for me to begin any fall decoration craft projects. I’ve got my hands full with wedding projects this year. However, I’d like to try these three projects from Snapguide.

I love the way the light shines through the leaves in this project by Andree’ of  @HomeShows. I know, I live in Florida…no easy access to colorful fall leaves, but I’m sure I can overcome this obstacle. It might even be a good excuse to take a weekend trip.

For leafy autumn candle directions  click here.

Another simple candle project uses a glass, a candlestick, super glue, a candle, and candy corn to make a Halloween candle holder. Directions for this Snapguide project come from Danika LoCicero.

The step by step directions for the candy candle holder can be found by clicking here.

The vampire pumpkins project may be more than I should tackle since my knife skills need some work, but I love the vampire bat pumpkin and I’m sure I’d rather carve a mini pumpkin than deal with the mess of creating a jack-o-lantern. Heather W. added this guide and makes it look easy.

For directions for the mini pumpkin vampires click here.

I hope to squeeze in at least one of these projects, but I’ve added them to a Pinterest board, just in case. That way I can find them next fall.