Dear Congress

Dear Congress,

I’m fed up! How can you close the National Parks? The parks belong to the people, but you’re more interested in making a statement than the people you represent.

I can’t think of a year when we haven’t visited at least one national park. It’s a family tradition. This year, The Everglades. Last year, Carlsbad Caverns. Before that, The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and all of the monuments on the mall in D.C.

I know it’s easy to close the parks. After all, moose, bears, bald eagles, and statues don’t complain. And who cares about those nature loving kooks?

Dear Congress,

How dare you cut services to children! Shutting down the WIC program which provides healthy food for pregnant woman, babies, and young children and Head Start, a program to give at risk children an educational boost, is unconscionable.

Of course, babies and children don’t write, email, or call their representatives; and their mothers are too busy trying to feed their children and find alternative daycare to let you know how they feel.

Dear Congress,

What are you thinking laying off over 800,000 federal employees? Do you realize these are REAL people who have REAL bills and depend on REAL wages, not promises that they will get paid later. These wages are used to pay REAL mortgages, buy REAL food, and REAL gas for their cars.

For your information, REAL people do not schedule fund raisers or contact donors when they need additional funds like you do (unless you call holding garage sales or visiting pawn shops fund raisers). REAL federal employees work and depend on the REAL paycheck they earn.

Dear Congress,

Instead of picking winners and losers in a partial government shut down in which those with the smallest voices are affected, I suggest you truly shut down the government…all agencies. If all air traffic is grounded due to the lack of air traffic controllers, all social security payments stopped, mail delivery suspended, and if the employees at  the State Department, the Office of Veteran’s Affairs, Homeland Security, FBI, and AFT furloughed; this ploy would end immediately.

You don’t have the stomach to listen to the voices of travelers, seniors, veterans, and other high profile voters.

Dear Congress,

Do you really think you win if you stop the Affordable Health Care Act from being implemented? Do you realize what type of precedent you’ll set? You won’t always be in office. The next Congress may decide to refuse to pass a budget or raise the debt ceiling unless gun sales are eliminated, or maybe they’ll demand all domestic oil production cease, perhaps public education will be eliminated as a drain on public resources, or what if a Congress with a female majority demands health care for men be rationed. You are attempting to change the rules in a way that will mean every budget will be tied to a hot button issue. Budgets and legislation will be a thing of the past.

Don’t let a small group of vocal members make a laughingstock of our country’s legislative branch. Pass a clean budget resolution and raise the debt ceiling. Our economy cannot take another hit.

If you want the House to pass a clean budget bill, click here, and sign the petition.