My Grandmother’s Ravoli

While listening to Robin Young interview Mo Rocca on the NPR program Here and Now, I was reminded of the importance of family recipes. Rocca spoke about the new season of My Grandmother’s Ravoli, a show on the Cooking Channel, in which he learns to cook with grandparents from around the country.

The show was inspired by Rocca’s grandmother and the her ravioli recipe, and the cooking invariably leads to stories of family so that he not only collects recipes from grandmothers and grandfathers, but he learns their stories as well.

A couple of years ago, John and I tried to tell our family stories through recipes to share with Meghan, Emily, and Sarah. We gathered recipes, located pictures, and then wrote a story for each of the recipes to share family memories.

John included his mom’s Key Lime Pie recipe and told the story of how when she met my dad for the first time she accidentally served his piece upside down, something my dad never let her forget. We included the recipe for dumplings and the story of how they became a Thanksgiving food in my family. It turned out to be a great way to not only share the recipes they’d grown up with, but the family stories associated with each dish.

I’m disappointed that the Cooking Channel is not available on our cable line up. I’d love to hear the stories behind the foods prepared by the grandparents, but the recipes are available on My Grandmother’s Ravioli‘s website…and there’s a link to recommend your grandparent to share a recipe with Mo. Too bad my grandmother couldn’t have appeared on the show. He’d have loved her recipes and stories.