Weigh-in Wednesay: Week 40

Well the maintain phase of my weight loss plan sure was short lived. I guess it’s my fault, but I think I’d prefer to blame John or the insurance company or someone.

You see several months ago, shortly after John started losing weight, I mentioned that if he could lose 25 pounds we could save money on his life insurance. The actuaries used by life insurance companies take the age and some basic health data to determine the premium on their policies. The insured’s weight is one factor used to determine the cost. Since he was already motivated to lose weight, I thought sharing this fact would help him develop a new weight loss goal.

Well, I was right; but John took the challenge even further. Once he reached the weight required for moving to a new insurance category, he decided he could lose more and therefore decrease the premium more as well. However, while he researched the data on the insurance company’s website he noticed that my weight is now only five pounds heavier than the next category so he suggested I lose 5 more pounds so we could save money on the premium to my policy as well.

I’m sure I can do it, but I was enjoying the more liberal calorie budget on the maintain phase of my weight lose plan. I’ve set a new goal on Lose It…five more pounds…and hopefully two new money saving life insurance premiums by the end of the year.