What’s a Mother To Do: 3 months & counting

Technically last Saturday was the three months to go point so we’ve been busy. The invitations are at the printer. The proof will be ready Monday and the order should be completed by the end of the month. The guest list has been finalized, stamps ordered, and envelopes can be addressed during the next three weeks.

Decisions have been made regarding rentals. Music is still in the process of being selected. DIY projects abound…while I’m working on some at home, Emily’s working on others. It will be important to spend time crafting every week to complete the details to make the day special.

Emily and I are talking cake and dessert…a great job since taste testing is required.

I’d like to share pictures and more details, but I’m not at liberty to do so since guests should not know what to expect when they arrive.

The pace is picking up. It’s going to be a busy three months!