Dinner Disappointment

I jumped on the Crock Pot meal bandwagon recently. After seeing many recipes posted or pinned on Pinterest, I decided that preparing meals and freezing for later would be the perfect way to insure we ate at home more often now that school’s starting and I’ll be returning to work.

I searched Pinterest for recipes, selected several that sounded appetizing, and then purchased ingredients last Friday. That evening I labeled Ziploc bags with lists of ingredients and cooking directions. Then on Saturday John and I got to work. He chopped and opened cans while I measured spices. After a couple of hours we’d put together seven meals. The freezer was well stocked for the coming weeks.

On Tuesday, I opened the bag labeled “Mediterranean Pork Chops”. Eight hours later we cooked rice and made a salad for our quick and easy dinner.

Seven slow cooker meals ready for freezing.
Seven slow cooker meals ready for freezing.

While the meat was tender, the flavor was terrible! John was a good sport and ate it all, but I could only handle about three bites. This is a recipe I will NEVER make again…very disappointing.

I still have six additional meals in the freezer waiting for the crock pot. I’m sure we’ll have better luck with others, but I must admit that much of my enthusiasm for my time-saving dinners has diminished.

Nevertheless, I’ll take the Teriyaki Chicken bag out of the freezer on Tuesday and give this another try. I sure hope the results will be better. If not, I may have found another way to drop a little more weight.