Weigh In Wednesday: Week 33

At last! The scale is moving in the right direction! I lost almost a pound this week!

No big changes, just more exercise…mostly walking.

But it’s time to make another change to my diet. As I began in January, I stopped drinking soda. This important change helped me get in the weight loss mode. And then in March I stopped eating candy of any kind, another important change. Now it’s time to cut out chips. I know this is bad news for Frito-Lay because I buy between four and eight bags of chips every time I shop at Sam’s Club; and I not only buy the chips, but eat them as well.IMG_0666

I eat Fritos, Doritos, Cheetos, or some other chip most every day. Breaking the chip habit is the next change I’m making in my weight loss plan. Surely this will result in losing three more pounds and reaching my next goal.

So if you currently hold stock in Frito-Lay, beware…you may find your stock reversing the upward trend of recent months!