How Can I Be Lonely?

On Sunday’s I’m posting poetry written by my mother-in-law, Bettie Lou. Writing poetry was a form of therapy after losing her husband and then her youngest son in 1985.IMG_0657

How Can I Be Lonely?

I used to be surrounded by love –

            Not so long ago.

It seems such a short time,

But days, weeks, months, years

            Pass so quickly –

And so will my loneliness.

It is such a strange feeling.

How can I be lonely

            When I like to be alone?

Perhaps the days, weeks, months, years

            Of family togetherness

Left little time for communicating.

I have what I need.

Forget what I want.

Put those thoughts to bed.

Sleep well, B. Lou.

Bettie Lou died in February, 2010 from Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve organized a team to participate in this year’s Memory Walk on Saturday, September 7th to raise funds for research and awareness of Alzheimer’s in her honor. If you would like to donate, please visit Team B. Lou.