10 Down; 3 To Go

The first weekend of August we checked off number 10 on our list of 13 to do’s for 2013. Meghan, Jon, Emily, Brian, Sarah, and Daniel (and Willis and Luna) all came to spend the weekend at the lake for the 3rd Annual Family Weekend.

We started this tradition as a way to insure that we had one weekend together as a family. With the girls starting their own households, they need to spend time during holidays with their new family and friends. It may also be difficult to schedule time away from work at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays, especially when more senior employees get first shot at vacation time.

Early August is a perfect time since nothing happens during this month. No holidays to compete for time off from work. No special events pulling us in different directions. No school commitments (at least not now). And, a great time to spend at the lake.

We don’t spend every minute of the weekend participating in planned activities. Instead, some swim. Some sail. Some run. Some walk. Some read. Some hang out on the porch. Most play games. All made pizzas, ate homemade ice cream, and went bowling.

This year we also celebrated Danny’s signing with Stetson and spent time with extended family. A nice bonus.Dannny

We really haven’t established any set plan for our family weekends…just getting together is enough.

I didn't add Your Nightmare...
I didn’t add Your Nightmare to this picture!