Weigh In Wednesday: Week 32

No weight loss this week, but also no weight gain. I’m not disappointed. We enjoyed family weekend with all three girls so of course that meant lots of eating, but I didn’t do any serious damage to my weight loss plan. That’s something to celebrate!

Since several people have asked about my weight loss program, I thought it might be a good time to summarize what’s worked for me. This will also be a good reminder  of where I need to focus in the coming weeks to meet my final goal.

  1. Log all food and exercise in Lose It! every day. What better way to be conscious of eating decisions.
  2. Weigh myself every morning. This helps me keep a pound from becoming five…ignoring does not work for me.
  3. Exercise. Even when I don’t want to…I need to do this at least four days a week. My secret weapon is walking while working at my treadmill desk. That’s why getting back to work next week will be a good thing for my weight goals.

Of course in addition to these three keys, eating a good breakfast with protein and a burrito bowl for lunch helps keep me on the right track.

I’m shooting for 1/2 pound this week to get back on the right track!