Food Truck Wars

  • ftw-emblem-sm-Food Truck Wars with over 40 trucks from Northeast and Central Florida packed Francis Field in St. Augustine last Saturday. We decided to make a stop on the way home from Fernandina Beach and partake in some food truck fare. I was eager to try food from a variety of trucks and then participate in the voting.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

  • We arrived around 4:00 and the heat suppressed my appetite.
  • The trucks were packed so close to one another that it was difficult to scope out the choices.
  • Only full size portions were available making it impossible to try a variety of foods. I’d hoped for bite-sized options like those found at “Taste Of” events.
  • Neither tables nor chairs were available leaving diners standing or sitting on the grass, either in the sun or packed in the few shady spots. (We had chairs in the car, but carrying them through already crowded rows of trucks didn’t seem practical.)

Looking for something a little different, we settled on a truck called Apps. The menu included a variety of Spanish foods, and while the chicken dish we ordered was tasty, we learned that it’s difficult to order from a menu not in English. Mustard was used generously on the food and since I don’t eat mustard, I picked around the edges eating only a few bites.

We also ordered a coconut cream pie cup from Charley’s Bakery which was a good choice. However, frustrated by the crowded aisles, heat, and lack of availability of small portions, we called it a day and headed back home without voting. No big deal.

There’s a new plan for future food truck events.

  • We’ll stick to smaller events with a dozen or fewer truck options making food selection easier.
  • We’ll make sure we can sit to eat our food, either in a shady spot or later in the day when it’s not so hot.
  • We’ll make sure we order from a menu written in English.

I’m following Orlando’s Food Trucks on Facebook and C & S Brisket Bus (my favorite food truck) on Twitter to locate smaller events in the future. If you love fun, creative, quality food you may want to check out the food trucks!