1000 and Counting!

1000The most amazing thing happened on Saturday. When I signed on to Google Analytics (the site that keeps track of data regarding this blog), it read in bold print: 1,000 people visited this site. It’s time to celebrate!

After attending the Sanibel Island Writer’s Conference in November I started this blog. I received positive feedback from the facilitator in the workshop on blogging and decided to give it a try. Before the conference my idea was to post every Monday the memo I wrote to my daughters. Something that would require just a few additional minutes of time each week…email the memo to my daughters and then post to the blog. However, during the workshop I learned that I needed to post daily to attract readers so since November 12th I’ve posted daily with only a few exceptions.

On December 26th, Emily helped my set up Google Analytics as a way to determine how many people viewed the blog, how long they stayed on the site, and if they returned. I was excited the next day to see that ten people had viewed Mom’s Monday Memo. I remember telling Emily that my goal was to have 50 people visit.

To my surprise, I hit 50 on January 10. Unbelievable! My new goal…100 visitors. To my surprise the 100 visitor mark came on January 20th, in less than a month.

Now seven months later, 1000 people have visited this site. I never expected to have more than a handful of people read anything I’d written so I want to thank each of you who’ve visited one or more times. If I knew how to track the person who was the 1000th visitor, I’d have provided a prize; but then again that would be creepy to think I knew who signed on and when.

By the way, today the count reads 1050. Thanks again for reading and feel free to leave a comment!