Prepare a First Aid Kit

firstaid2When we decided to return to camping we purchased a first aid kit…just in case. You know I’ve always been one to carry band-aids, pain relievers, and alcohol wipes to games, meets, and other travels so a first aid kit seemed like required equipment. This weekend as we rode down Old Cutler Trail in Miami I realized I didn’t have a first aid kit on the trail and after last summer’s infamous bike accident…what was I thinking?

I’ve decided to take one of the Clinique make-up bags I received as a free gift and use it as a smaller version of a first aid kit that can be used on bike rides and maybe even hikes. I don’t want something too large or heavy, but it is important to have a few basic items “just in case”. My plan is to keep an EpiPen, aspirin, band-aids, hand sanitizer, antiseptic, eye drops, and a couple other items so it can be easily thrown in the bike basket or backpack. You know I always look at things like umbrellas and first aid kits as insurance. If you have it, you rarely need it; but it you don’t have it, you’ll invariably need it!

eMedicineHealth provides a very simple list of must have items for a first aid kit including: tweezers, hydrocortisone cream,  hand sanitizer and gloves, pain relievers, gauze and tape, band aids, wipes for cleaning a wound, antibiotic cream, and allergy medications. (Of course, you may want to include some personal items and sunscreen.) Pretty basic. Probably things in your medicine cabinet. Put together a first aid kit. Keep it in your car so you’ll have it with you when you go to the beach or biking or hiking or kayaking. You never know when you’ll need it.

Prepare a first aid kit.


Another option – purchase a kit from Target, SAMs, or order from the Red Cross Store.