Love is in the air!

Love bugs that is! I remember being fascinated by these creatures when I first witnessed two flying insects moving through the air while attached to one another. As a new resident to Florida, I loved the romantic names applied to an insect and city – love bugs and Kissimmee (of course I pronounced it Kiss-a-me then). However, that fascination was short lived when I swallowed my first love bug. I’m not sure how the critter managed to fly in my mouth but I can hardly think of a more disgusting taste.

The calendar says May so it must be love bug season. Hundreds of dead love bugs litter the porch; and the windshield and grill of the car are smeared with smashed insects. Since we’ll be on the road and driving on the Florida Turnpike this weekend I know what to expect…frequent attempts to wash off the dead bodies of our state nuisance from the windshield. I’ll also remember to keep my mouth closed so as not to experience another love bug tasting experience.

And despite the urban legend claiming that these harmless pests are the result of a University of Florida genetics experiment gone awry, not even I would blame love bugs on the Gators. No, just another annoying visitor to the Sunshine State.