Bike to Work – Be a Kid Again!

IMG_0918Did you know that this is National Bike to Work Week? And this Friday, the third Friday in May, National Bike to Work Day? Well, it’s not too late. You still have three days to participate in this event, but since it’s also National Bike Month, you could ride any day this month and for that matter any day can be Bike to Work day.

In the summer of 1979, South Florida experienced a gas shortage with long lines at gas stations. This motivated John and me to bike to work for an entire summer. Our afternoon commutes in South Florida in June, July, and August were not particularly pleasant, but the mornings were wonderful…truly a great way to start the day.

Then in the summer of 1990, I rode my bike to South Ocala Elementary where I taught summer school. I didn’t ride every day, but I squeezed in a little exercise by riding a couple of days a week.

Since this week is the annual Bike Rodeo at Eighth Street Elementary, John’s riding his bike to work. With this morning’s temperature a cool 46°, it couldn’t be a more perfect time for a bike ride. Of course, since he has his bike at school, he’s able to participate in the bike week activities with students so he’s having a little fun at work as well.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes biking to work a regular activity. Maybe you should try it.