Dave’s Mom on Mother’s Day

How can anyone resist David Letterman’s mom? He obviously recognizes her appeal to viewers including her each year to read the Top Ten List on Mother’s Day. His mom reminds me a lot of my Grandma Miller, standing in the kitchen, joining in the fun of one of her sons. Even the “Oh, Dave,” she utters reminds me of Grandma’s “Oh Donnie” usually followed by “stop that”. Both women represent their generation of Indiana women. Hard working, energetic, loyal to their family with a great sense of humor and intensely proud of their children.  

Last year’s Top Ten List did not include Dorothy reading a new list, but instead Dave read the Top Ten Things Your Mom Does Not Want to Hear on Mother’s Day. Hope Dorothy’s well and ready to participate in these shenanigans reading a new Mother’s Day List. I’ll be watching.

Last year’s Mother’s Day List, presented by Dave, hit a nerve, the Top Ten Things Mom Does Not Want to Hear on Mother’s Day, including things like:


  • So you’re still alive, huh?
  •  My psychiatrist said I should call.
  •  Good news! We’re putting you in a home.
  •  I’ve booked us for lunch at Hotdog Hookers.

So I developed my own Top Ten List of Things I Don’t Want to Hear on Mother’s Day. Please save for future reference.

10 What’s for dinner?

9 Let’s go shopping.

8 Mommy Dearest, I’ve written a book about you.

7 I made you this cool plaster of Paris cast of my hand (anytime after age 8 and that’s pushing it).

6 Call? Just follow me on Twitter or Facebook.

5 You look really good for your age.

4 I’m moving in!

3 Hey Mom, the police said I could make one phone call.

2 I got you a puppy! (or any other animal for that matter)

1 Since you’re such a good mom, I’m going to let you raise my children.

What would be on your list?