Weigh In Wednesday: Week 19

Dieting tip of the week: Swapportunity, Dee’s style. You don’t want to miss this one!

A trip to Dunedin, with numerous fine dining options, a Kentucky Derby party, and Cinco de Mayo…not the best week when it comes to weight loss. I feel that under the circumstances, not gaining weight qualifies as success this week.

As for my weight loss tip this week – it’s my own version of the Yoplait commercial advocating taking advantage of what they call a “swapportunity” – the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a Yoplait. Now, I eat my share of Yoplait, especially for breakfast; but I think you’ll find “swapportunity” Dee’s style much more satisfying.


Yoplait suggests this treat 90-110 calories.
Yoplait suggests this treat 90-110 calories.

Instead of calling a 90-110 calorie Yoplait – dessert, I suggest you cut a Klondike bar in half and delight in the 125 calorie treat. I’m not sure it qualifies as a healthier swap, but I’m sure it’s much more satisfying, and last week when I lost two pounds I ate a Klondike treat three evenings. So, it looks like it’s working for me!

And to my surprise, Klondike has their own line of 100 calorie ice cream treats! I guess I should look for them on my next visit to the grocery.