Sit or Squat?

charmin-sit-or-squat-appYou read that right! Sit or Squat, an app for when you “gotta go when you’re on the go”, is sponsored by who else but Charmin. As a mother with daughters who suffer from what I describe as “morning stomach”, I’ve had the misfortune of visiting every nasty restroom on SR 40 from Ocala to Ormond Beach. Those early morning softball tournament games guaranteed at least one person in the car would need to stop before reaching our destination, and while none of them were clean, I remember asking if they couldn’t wait ’til Barberville…the best stop on the road.

Track meets, cross country meets, early morning trips to the airport all follow similar paths with me exiting the planned route in search of a restroom so of course I downloaded Sit or Squat. Public restrooms are indicated with a green (sit) or red (squat) toilet paper symbol to assist travelers locate a facility while on the road. sit-or-squat

I tested the SR 40 route and verified the first green, sit, opportunity occurs at I-95, a long way from Ocala. It did miss several places we’ve stopped before so I can only wonder if they ranked below the red, squat, category and were excluded.

The app also allows users to add and rank new locations so this may be more useful in the future. I did notice that my mother-in-law’s emergency restroom plan gets high marks. Bettie Lou knew the location of every Publix along the routes she frequently traveled. She believed they provided the cleanest restrooms for her own “morning stomach”, (I guess I know where the girls got this problem.)  and in fact, Publix stores appear with the green toilet paper symbol throughout the state of Florida.

Load this app and add new locations. Help those with “morning stomach”!