Always Pack a Bathing Suit

luggageAs I talked to Sarah a few hours before she caught her flight to Chicago she mentioned that she still needed to pack a bathing suit. I couldn’t help but smile since my standard piece of advice through the years…ALWAYS pack a bathing suit. So even though she’s flying to Chicago a few days after a snowstorm shut down air travel in the city, Sarah knows that a bathing suit is a required item on her packing list.

This advice is most appropriate as we start thinking about Spring Break, camping, kayaking, sailing, boating, and the beach, but why wouldn’t you pack a bathing suit regardless of your destination? It takes up very little space and even on a trip to Chicago in the winter there may be an opportunity to wear it. Does the hotel have a hot tub or a pool that shouldn’t be missed? Maybe you could even join a local polar bear club and take a dip in Lake Michigan.

I’ve prepared and saved a number of travel lists on my iPad (the perfect use for an expensive piece of technology). There’s a list for camping, one for the beach, one for the mountains. A bathing suit is on every list. Who wants to shop for a bathing suit while on the road? Worse yet, who wants to miss out on the fun for lack of this essential piece of attire?

It’s simple…ALWAYS pack a bathing suit!